1.   Purpose and Scope of Data Collection

The primary data collected on the website includes: full name, phone number, address, and the desired product for purchase. These are essential details that customers must provide when submitting information for consultation or product purchase. This information is used to confirm and communicate with customers on the website to ensure consumer rights.

Customers are responsible for the security and preservation of all service usage activities under the information they provide. Additionally, customers must promptly notify our website of any unauthorized, abusive, or security-violating actions, maintaining the registration details and passwords of third parties for appropriate resolution.

2.   Usage Scope of Information

We utilize customer information to:

- Confirm orders and deliver products to customers upon request.

- Provide product information to customers upon request.

- Send marketing emails and promotions for our products.

- Send notifications about activities on the website.

- Communicate and resolve issues with users in special cases.

- Not use user personal information for purposes other than transaction confirmation and related communication.

- Comply with legal requests from judicial agencies, including public prosecutors offices, courts, and investigative agencies related to customer legal violations.

3.   Information Storage Period

Customer personal data will be stored until a cancellation request is received from the customer. In all cases, customer personal information will be securely stored on the servers of 111 Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company.

4.   Entities or Organizations that May Access the Information

Customers agree that, when necessary, the following entities/organizations/individuals have the right to access and collect their personal information, including:

111 Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company, including the management board and related departments for support, consultation, contract execution, and/or order fulfillment with customers.

Third parties with services integrated with the website: 111.com.vn, and third parties trusted by us to achieve the stated objectives of collecting personal information.

We will take measures to ensure that recipients cannot misuse customer information for purposes beyond the permitted scope mentioned above. We will also ensure they do not use this information for unlawful purposes. Importantly, we do not rent or sell customer information to any third-party partners.

In the case of legal requirements: The company is responsible for cooperating in providing customer personal information when requested by legal authorities, including prosecutors, courts, and investigative agencies related to customer legal violations. No one has the right to violate customer personal information.

5.   Contact Information for Information Collection and Management Unit

111 Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company

Address: No. 27, Alley 178 Giải Phóng Street, Phương Liệt Ward, Thanh Xuân District, Hanoi Phone number: +842466747622

Email: 111vnjsc@gmail.com

6.   Means and Tools for Users to Access and Edit Their Personal Data

Customers can update, adjust, or cancel their personal information by contacting the website administration.

Customers have the right to file complaints about information security content by contacting the website's administration. Upon receiving the these feedback, we will verify the information. If the customer's complaint is valid, depending on the severity, we will take timely measures.

Complaints can be sent to the email address: 111vnjsc@gmail.com, or the phone number: +842466747622.

7.   Commitment to Customer Personal Information Security

We only collect personal information within the appropriate and necessary scope for our legitimate business purposes. We maintain appropriate measures to ensure the safety, integrity, accuracy, and security of the information provided by users. Additionally, we have appropriate measures to ensure that third parties will also safeguard the information we provide to them.

Personal information and user private information are collected, stored, and protected rigorously, seriously, accurately, and securely.

We establish separate software to collect, store private information, and it is implemented uniquely by our server system and backup server system.

The security of personal information and user private information is absolute and will not be presented to any third party unless required by competent state authorities.

8.   Update

The company has the right to amend, update this Privacy Policy at any suitable time. Revised versions will be posted on the website. Customers continuing to use the service after the Privacy Policy has been amended or updated will constitute their agreement to the modified, updated Privacy Policy.

9.   Mechanism for Receiving and Resolving Complaints

During the website access process, if customers feel concerned or suspicious about any unauthorized use of their personal information, or if personal information is misused, beyond the notified scope, customers can file complaints with the Customer Care Department of 111 Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company via email: 111vnjsc@gmail.com or hotline: +842466747622 for resolution.

-  Note: Before being allowed access to any customer's personal information, we send requests, notifications directly on the website user interface, and await customer approval. If the customer agrees, only then are we genuinely allowed to access the customer's information. If the customer does not agree, we will absolutely not access the customer's personal information.

10. Contact Information

If customers have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, please contact us by:

Calling: +842466747622

Sending an email to: 111vnjsc@gmail.com

Sending mail to: Customer Care Department, 111 Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company

Address: No. 27, Alley 178 Giải Phóng Street, Phương Liệt Ward, Thanh Xuân District, Hanoi.








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