Emerging from the concern of finding a suitable alternative to the energy-consuming 1000w metal halide lamps on fishing boats, the engineers at 111 Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company embarked on the research and development of the initial versions of 111-500w LED lights in late 2014. These lights are currently extensively utilized in provinces such as Nghe An and Thanh Hoa.


The primary challenge faced by the engineering team was the high electricity consumption of the 1000w metal halide lamps, coupled with their exceptional brightness, earning nearly absolute trust from fishermen. Conversely, the LED technology in 2014, if conventionally designed for a power range of 300–500w, resulted in bulky lights with brightness incomparable to the 1000w metal halide ones.


To overcome this significant challenge, the team decided to venture out to sea with the fishermen, braving the danger of waves that could pose a threat and cause dizziness to an unbearable extent. These trips, though incredibly challenging, provided valuable insights and knowledge for the engineers about the habits, practices, and, most importantly, the seemingly limitless energy source from the ocean that could aid the optimal functioning of the lights.

Practical Journey of Engineers in 2014 on Mr. Vinh's Boat in Hau Loc, Thanh Hoa

The engineers later introduced a breakthrough prototype by utilizing seawater to cool the LED eyes. With this approach, the engineers of 111 Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company could minimize the size of the lights while increasing the power from 500 to 700w. This solution was then patented with exclusive rights granted by the Intellectual Property Office - Ministry of Science and Technology in 2015, opening up new possibilities for the project.

Installation in 2015

By 2015, three boats in Hau Loc, Thanh Hoa, had opted for the 111 LED lights. These boats achieved promising results in fishing, with the lights being instantly bright and penetrating deep into the water. This marked the first successful use of LED fishing boat lights in Thanh Hoa.


The first boat to install the water-cooled light prototype. The owner is Mr. Dan in Hau Loc, Thanh Hoa.

However, in 2015, LED lights still faced a significant drawback – high cost. The selling price per light reached 7-10 million VND for a 500w light. This price was too high for fishermen compared to the 2.2 million VND per set of 1000w metal halide lamps. Therefore, wide acceptance was not achievable.

In 2016, thanks to the development of LED technology and the relentless efforts of the engineers at 111 Company, a new 500w LED light model was introduced. It featured a water-resistant fan design (IP 68 standard) for cooling, using a half-mirror reflector design to utilize excess light that splashes into the sky. With this design, all the shortcomings of the old model were overcome. The LED light was 1.7 times brighter than the 1500w metal halide lamps, still maintaining a 120-degree spread. With a weight of only 5.7 kg, the selling price was just under 5 million VND.


LED 111-500w Model, Widely Adopted on Hundreds of Fishing Boats in the Northern Region. Perfected and Deployed in 2017.

This model quickly gained acceptance among fishermen in Nghe An, creating a strong trend of transitioning from metal halide lamps to LED lights in this area. The LED lights were widely accepted and used for the first time, helping fishermen save 40% of oil consumption while increasing their fishing productivity. To date, hundreds of boats in the region have installed these lights, marking a significant achievement for the tireless efforts of the engineering team at the company.

In the future, our team will continue to accompany fishermen and develop even more optimal light models. This is to ensure that the fishing profession continues to prosper and remain sustainable.

Best wishes to all fishermen for successful squid fishing journeys!






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