Driven by our passion for supporting fishermen! 

Recognizing the inevitable shift toward LED lights replacing metal halide alternatives

we've been committed to continuous research since 2014.

Our goal is to fulfill the dream of serving our fellow fishermen at sea, providing them with the highest quality LED lights for their boats.



To achieve this, we employ a transparent and impact-resistant PC plastic cover, safeguarding the front of the light. This ensures that both the LED and the light beam remain consistently bright. The exclusive COB LED Chip design of LED 111 delivers outstanding brightness efficiency


We've incorporated an IP68 waterproof standard cooling fan, representing a remarkable innovation in our lights.

The light beam is specially designed and structured to maximize the emitted light from the LED.

Our 6063 aluminum heat sink frame, already anodized, guarantees durability for up to 10 years in harsh sea conditions

 This commitment to quality has resulted in a superior product, and we continue to make improvements to enhance its performance

Fishermen across the nation have put their trust in and relied on LED 111 Lights


We extend our sincere thanks to our fellow fishermen for choosing LED 111 Lights. We are dedicated to consistently delivering the best in product quality and service






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