The COB LED chip features the logo of a boat (the brand logo of LED 111 Light). It is a product designed using ETi LED chips by engineers from 111 Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company


 The unique chip model of LED 111 - 111 Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company.



Color temperature is 4500K, specifically designed for fishing boats, producing a sunlight-yellow light that is ideal for attracting various types of squid.

The LED chip size is 2035mil, with luminous efficacy reaching 120lm/watt. In comparison, other common brands in the market typically use LED chips sized 1520mil, achieving only around 80-90lm/watt luminous efficacy.


The 111-ETi LED chip model has been used for many years with power sources on fishing boats. According to local statistics, the failure rate is only about 0.05%, and brightness remains at 93-95% after 2 years of use.



Each light is equipped with 5 COB LED chips, has 2 power supply wires, and is secured with 4 screws onto the aluminum heat sink. This makes replacement in case of malfunction very easy for local electricians.


The COB LED chip is equipped with a temperature sensor, protecting the LED from overheating, ensuring it does not exceed 65 degrees Celsius.




  • The close-up photo of the LED chip planting machine.
  • Clean room, where the LED chip planting activities onto the COB substrate take place.
  • Clean room, where the waterproof sealing and finishing processes for the LED COB chips take place

  • Laboratory and the luminance measurement sphere at the factory.



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