Vietnam is taking concrete actions to ensure sustainable fisheries, with the Prime Minister recently signed Decision No 389/QD-TTg on May 9, 2024 to approve the Master Plan for the Protection and Exploitation of Fisheries Resources for the 2021-2030 period, with a vision towards 2050.
With a view for a balanced structure of the maritime captured fisheries by 2030, the Decision set the maximum number of fishing vessels by 2030 to be 83,600, employing 600,000 fishermen and related workers. The Decision also promulgates a targeted percentage of fishing vessels in Vietnam, whereby trawling will account for 10% of total captured fishing vessels; seine fisheries account for 6.1%; gillnet fisheries account for 40.3%; small-scale fishing accounts for 18.9%; net capture accounts for 3.0%; trapping profession accounts for 2.9% and other captured fisheries methods account for 16.6% and logistics occupations for catching aquatic resources account for 2.2% of the total number of fishing vessels.

Source: https://en.infographics.vn/vietnam-charts-vision-for-sustainable-modern-fisheries-by-2050/25476.vna 
At 111 Vietnam Technology Company, we work closely with fishermen community to develop their awareness in environmentally safe and friendly use of artificial light, including keeping broken lights aboard the vessel and returning them to us for recycling. We see this as an important measure to reduce negative environmental impacts and ensuring a sustainable future for captured fisheries.
Last but not least, close cooperation among fishermen, scientists, government agencies and other stakeholders is a critical component in improving the economic and environmental benefits, while reducing negative impacts of the use of fishing lights in captured fisheries




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