At 111 Vietnam Technology Company, we deeply care about the impacts of our products in particular and the impacts of the fishing industry on our environment, on planet earth.

As industry insiders, we work tirelessly to contribute to improvements and advances in technology development, including LED lights with better chromatic performance and longer operational life-cycle. We are confident that this trend will continue into the foreseeable future.

We are investing in the development of environmental-friendly technology for our LED light products for commercial fisheries. In this regard, we are piloting solar-powered LED lights and have plans to experiment with using biodegradable plastic.

In order to minimize the negative impacts of artificial lights in commercial fisheries, at 111 Vietnam Technology Company, we work closely with fishing vessel owners to define optimal number and output power of light for best technical and economic performance. We also encourage vessel owners collect and return replaced parts (cooling fans, among others) to us for recycling.

We help fishermen community to develop their awareness in environmentally safe and friendly use of artificial light, including keeping broken lights aboard the vessel and returning them to us for recycling. We see this as an important measure to reduce negative environmental impacts.

Last but not least, close cooperation among fishermen, scientists, government agencies and other stakeholders is a critical component in improving the economic and environmental benefits, while reducing negative impacts of the use of fishing lights in commercial fisheries.





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