In recent years, 111 LED lights have risen as one of the most trusted brands in the Vietnamese fisheries lighting equipment sector. To ensure all products meet stringent quality standards and performance expectations, 111 Technology Corporation employs a cutting-edge manufacturing and assembly line, strictly adhering to electrical industry safety protocols.


(The front cover casting machine)

The manufacturing and assembly process of the latest 500W-220V 111 LED lights comprises multiple meticulously supervised steps and stages. Due to their intended use on offshore fishing vessels, each small process is carried out with utmost care and precision.

Firstly, the Research and Development (R&D) department conducts extensive internal and external research and design, with a particular focus on the modules of 111 LED lights to meet technical lighting requirements for civil and industrial construction applications.

The company's factories and production workshops are organized into various small departments to expedite the product completion process efficiently:

  • COB LED Module Manufacturing Department
  • LED Driver Manufacturing Department
  • Casting, anodizing, and machining of aluminum frames
  • Stamping and plating of light parts
  • Manufacturing of various accessories
  • LED Cover Manufacturing Department

The assembly process of these components undergoes rigorous quality checks on modules and components to detect any discrepancies and promptly address them before final assembly of the 111 LED fishing lights.

Further quality checks are applied to the LED lights once again. A specialized team conducts a comprehensive inspection of the entire batch of assembled products before they are released from the factory.

Finally, after undergoing various manufacturing and assembly processes, only the highest-quality 111 LED fishing lights are packaged and stored in the warehouse, ready for delivery to customers.

With this meticulous manufacturing process and the ongoing dedication of the engineering team at 111 Technology Corporation, the new models of LED lights, boasting enhancements in both quality and exterior design, are poised to earn the trust of fishermen for every fishing expedition.




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