For fishing vessel owners seeking to optimize operational efficiency while minimizing costs, the 111 LED light T70C2 can be the right solution.

High Luminous Efficiency:

The 111 LED Light T700C2 provides exceptional luminous efficiency. Engineered to deliver 30% more usable light compared to conventional counterparts, this light ensures optimal visibility in even the most challenging maritime environments. Its brilliance is not only quantifiable but transformative, illuminating the ocean depths with a cleaner and brighter color spectrum. Headlights are manufactured with special technology that can last a long time without the reflective layer peeling off.

Fuel Consumption Reduction and Energy Efficiency:

The integration of advanced LED technology translates into tangible benefits for maritime operators. By harnessing the power of energy-efficient illumination, the 111 LED Light T700C2 significantly reduces fuel consumption, thereby enhancing the economic viability of fishing expeditions. With the capability to save up to 70% of energy consumption, it also delivers on sustainability in the maritime domain.

Durability and Anti-Salt Corrosion:

Crafted to withstand the rigors of marine environments, the 111 LED light T700C2 boasts unparalleled durability. Its robust construction, coupled with anti-salt corrosion properties, ensures longevity even amidst the corrosive forces of seawater. This resilience not only safeguards investment but also minimizes downtime associated with maintenance and replacement.

Optimized Heat Management:

Recognizing the criticality of thermal management in LED lighting systems, the 111 LED light T700C2 incorporates an intelligently designed heatsink. Engineered for optimal heat dissipation, this feature mitigates the risk of overheating, thereby preserving luminosity and longevity. Even in the harshest maritime conditions, the luminary maintains peak performance with unwavering reliability.

In the 111 LED light, heatsink is customs-extruded and anodized aluminum. The anodizing process helps to create an inert film to withstand salt and moist air. It helps the aluminum frame heatsink has a durability of up to 10 years in harsh weather conditions at sea.


Adaptability and Versatility:

Beyond its technical prowess, the 111 LED light T700C2 exhibits remarkable adaptability to diverse fishing methodologies. Whether deployed for onshore or offshore operations, its versatility remains unrivaled. With a beam angle optimized for deep-sea lighting, this luminary ensures consistent illumination across vast expanses, facilitating enhanced productivity and catch rates.

Practical Design and Ease of Maintenance:

The incorporation of surge protection mechanisms in 111 LED light T700C2 ensures uninterrupted operation, while the absence of electrical leakage risks underscores its safety and reliability. Its compatibility with vessel radio signals guarantees seamless integration into maritime communication systems.

Warranty period is 26 months from the shipment date. Cost of free warranty components to end-customer is included in the product price. Maintenance is minimal, parts can be easily replaced by vessel technicians.


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