Since 2017, fishing for aquatic products has become smoother in Vietnam thanks to the development of LED lighting systems on fishing vessels. This coincides with the booming LED fishing light market, both domestically and internationally, offering fishermen numerous choices. However, equipping oneself with lighting fixtures that meet illumination standards poses challenges for professional fishermen.

111 LED fishing lights emerge as the top choice for fishermen, excelling in functionality and manufacturing technology. Vietnam's 111 Technology Corporation delivers LED fishing lights that ensure maximum brightness, high power, fuel efficiency, and compliance with stringent maritime standards.

What's the Power Output of 111 LED Lights?

Comparatively, 111 LED lights boast the highest power output among other LED fishing light products.

Through research on 111-500W LED lights for offshore fishing vessels, engineers at Vietnam's 111 Technology Corporation aimed to innovate LED lights to replace 1000W super lights, notorious for their high fuel consumption. In late 2014, they began researching the initial versions of 111-500W LED lights, now widely used in Nghe An and Thanh Hoa provinces.

Another significant challenge was the brightness of 1000W super lights despite their electricity consumption, which fishermen heavily relied on. If LED technology were applied without improvement, a 300-500W LED light would be bulky and less bright compared to a super light.

After enduring days at sea, engineers from 111 Technology Corporation Vietnam minimized the size of the lights and increased their power output from 500-700W, ensuring brightness and ease of installation.

By 2017, with relentless research efforts, engineers at 111 Corporation introduced a completely new 500W LED light for fishing vessels. This product, with its IP68 waterproof fan design for heat dissipation and a half-shell design to utilize excess light, outperformed competitors, becoming Vietnam's brightest LED light for two consecutive years.

Exploring 111 LED Fishing Light Manufacturing Technology...

The company applies modern production and assembly lines, adhering strictly to safety standards in the electrical industry to ensure all products reaching consumers are of high quality and efficiency.


The production and assembly process of the latest 500W-220V LED lights involves multiple steps, from R&D, production, and assembly to quality control before warehousing. Each step is meticulously monitored and executed to meet the needs of offshore fishing vessels.

Despite challenges, engineers embarked on expeditions with fishermen, facing rough seas and seasickness. However, this experience provided valuable insights into fishermen's habits and the endless energy sources from the sea.

Subsequently, engineers developed a breakthrough model, utilizing seawater to cool LED chips, reducing the light's size and increasing its power output from 500-700W. This solution was patented in 2015, opening new avenues for the project.

The continuous development of LED technology and engineers' relentless efforts at 111 Corporation resulted in a completely new 500W LED light for fishing vessels in 2017. This product, with its IP68 waterproof fan design and half-shell design, addressed all shortcomings of previous models.

Proudly the brightest LED fishing lights in Vietnam, 111 Technology Corporation Vietnam actively pushes forward the study of the latest lighting technology and constantly innovates product designs. We hope that 111 LED fishing lights will be trusted and adopted widely in domestic and international markets.




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