According to the recommendations of the Vietnam Directorate of Fisheries, using LED lights for fishing not only increases the catch volume per offshore trip but also ensures efficiency for users and environmental safety, with easy installation and use. LED lights also guarantee environmental safety, avoiding interference with maritime equipment, and are more fuel-efficient than other traditional lights such as halogen or fluorescent lamps.

What Does 111 LED Contribute to Fishermen's Harvesting Trips?

Beyond the general benefits that LED lights bring to fishing activities, 111 Technology Corporation's LED lights meet the most stringent customer requirements thanks to the continuous efforts of the company's engineers to explore the latest maritime lighting technologies for manufacturing 111 LED fishing lights.

While investigating the production and assembly process of LED lights at 111 Corporation, we noticed the meticulousness, care, and creativity of departments from R&D, production, quality control to shipping and warehousing. Therefore, all 111 LED products meet the highest quality standards when they reach consumers, satisfying even the most demanding fishermen.

But the commitment of 111 Technology Corporation Vietnam extends beyond quality assurance. The company pledges to:

  • Offer long-lasting LED lights that outperform traditional bulbs such as incandescent, sodium, and fluorescent lights. Our LED lights feature an IP68 waterproof fan design for effective heat dissipation, complemented by a half-shell design to maximize the utilization of excess light reflecting upwards. Additionally, the exterior is crafted from durable PC (Polycarbonate) material to safeguard the front cover, along with a 6063 aluminum frame with surface anodization to resist oxidation from salt and humid climates.
  • Provide energy-saving and directional lighting solutions to enhance visibility on fishing vessels during nighttime operations. Our 111 LED lights, equipped with cutting-edge technology, save up to 40% of fuel consumption while boosting fish catch rates.
  • Ensure efficient operation in outdoor environments or harsh weather conditions like freezing fog. Unlike fluorescent bulbs that struggle with instant illumination in cold weather, our LED lights deliver reliable performance.
  • Offer cost-effective LED lighting solutions suitable for all types and sizes of fishing vessels, including large, medium, and small ones.
  • Facilitate easy and quick installation of lights in various positions on the vessel, offering robust impact resistance against strong winds or large waves.

By advocating "Vietnamese people, use Vietnamese products," and addressing concerns about potential radio interference from Chinese LED lights, 111 Technology Corporation produces LED lights with assembly lines in Vietnam. Our lights guarantee optimal brightness, minimal interference with maritime equipment, long-term corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and a suitable color spectrum tailored to different environments and circumstances encountered on fishing vessels.




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