For fishermen in coastal regions, each boat journey carries immense expectations of returning with hefty catches, boat holds filled with abundant seafood, and more. This drives them to search for and select effective tools for their voyages, ensuring that every offshore trip results in holds teeming with fish and squid.

 In previous years, small and medium-sized boats faced inconveniences when using hurricane lamps (a type of lamp fueled by gasoline or kerosene, featuring a hurricane-shaped shade with a wick made of a thread soaked in a metallic salt solution to enhance brightness). However, in recent times, LED lights have become more widespread. 111 Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company proudly stands as the brightest LED light brand in Vietnam, becoming an indispensable ally for fishermen with the superior benefits of its products.

 From the production and assembly process of 111 LED fishing lights...

 After a period of research, we have perfected the meticulous, careful, and creative process of manufacturing and assembling LED lighting devices, maintaining a serious working attitude from the R&D department, production department, testing department, to the shipping and storage procedures. Consequently, our LED products consistently achieve the highest quality when in the hands of consumers, satisfying even the most demanding fishermen.

And the products reach the customers...

 Recognizing the stringent requirements for lighting support in open seas and harsh weather conditions, 111 Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company always emphasizes the technical specifications of its LED fishing lights, focusing on brightness and irradiance. Our LED lights have a power of 500W but provide 1.7 times the irradiance of an 1500W metal halide lamp, with a spread angle of 120 degrees.

 The design of the lights includes a waterproof fan with IP68 standard and a half-shaded reflector on top for heat dissipation, utilizing light sources to help fishermen clearly see schools of fish when combined with a fish finder device.

 Engineers explore new technologies to produce the 111 LED fishing lights that can save energy and reduce the use of diesel on fishing boats by 40%, ultimately increasing seafood harvest productivity due to enhanced directional illumination.

 111 Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company offers LED fishing lights that operate efficiently outdoors or in harsh weather conditions. Unlike fluorescent bulbs that require high voltage to instantly illuminate in cold or low-temperature weather, LED lights can function well in such conditions.

 With positive feedback from honest and straightforward fishermen after installing 111 LED fishing lights on their boats, we take pride in contributing to their fishing expeditions. These experiences drive our company to continually innovate and optimize 111 LED fishing light products for more effective and efficient returns from every offshore trip, ensuring boats come back with plentiful seafood holds.





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