Embarking on a boat at 8:00 PM with Mr. Tư, a valued customer of 111 Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company and an experienced fisherman in Thanh Hóa's coastal region, proved to be a challenging yet rewarding experience. Navigating through rocky and dense underwater areas, our boat followed Mr. Tư's lead, joining other local fishermen setting sail into the open sea. The boat captain initiated the fish finder device, and the recently acquired 111 LED Fishing lights from our company played a pivotal role.




As night descended, the seawater transformed into a deep, dark hue, surrounding the fleet with a refreshing sea breeze that alleviated fatigue. The lights from fellow fishing boats resembled stars in the night sky, highlighting the prevalence of LED fishing lights from 111 Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company, both for onboard illumination and lighting up the fishing grounds


Mr. Tư shared, "With the increasing popularity of LED fishing lights, harvesting seafood has become more accessible and convenient for fishermen. These lights offer directional brightness and reach maximum intensity instantly upon activation. Notably, they are energy-efficient and resilient against sea wind and saltwater." In previous years, small and medium-sized boats predominantly used hurricane lamps (a type of lamp fueled by gasoline or kerosene, featuring a hurricane-shaped shade with a wick made of a thread soaked in a metallic salt solution to enhance brightness), known for their inconvenience and lack of durability in harsh sea conditions. However, 111 LED fishing lights can be installed in any space, enduring all weather conditions. Particularly, in cold or low-temperature environments, the lights illuminate instantly, distinguishing them from traditional fluorescent lights.



Observing the genuine focus of the fishermen under the guidance of 111 LED fishing lights, we take pride in contributing to their fishing expeditions. These experiences motivate our company to consistently innovate and optimize the 111 LED fishing light products for more effective and efficient returns from every offshore journey, ensuring boats return with bountiful shrimp and fish holds



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