The 2019 Customer Appreciation Workshop by 111 Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company In December 2019, 111 Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company organized a customer appreciation for 200 fishing vessel owners from Quỳnh Lưu district, Nghe An province, Vietnam. This workshop was part of a company-wide initiative to express gratitude to our customers nationwide, the pioneering fishing vessel owners who confidently opted for the reliability of equipping their vessels with 111 LED fishing lights. The workshop also welcomed local authorities, representatives from fishing associations, and notably, Mr. Nguyễn Anh Hùng, the Director of the Agriculture Extension Center of Quỳnh Lưu district, Nghệ An province.

During the workshop, fishing vessel owners shared their positive experiences, emphasizing the significant brightness and luminosity advantages offered by 111 LED fishing lights compared to other brands in the market. In view of 111 LED Lights’ demonstrated fuel efficiency, there was unanimous consensus among workshop participants to commit to 70% LED light adoption rate in the year 2020. Such a strategic shift in lighting potentially yields annual savings of up to 500 million VND (USD 22,000/year) for an average fishing vessel. Notable among these commitments was Mr. Dính's vessel, which by 2019 had an impressive installation of 170 units of 111 LED fishing lights, with 100 remaining metal halide lights to be replaced by 111 LED Lights in 2020. Encouraged by the enthusiasm generated during the workshop and the resolute commitment demonstrated by industry leaders, we anticipate a substantial uptick in the adoption of LED lights for efficient fishing practices in Quỳnh Lưu throughout the year 2020.


The active participation of the company's staff, technical experts, and company representatives


Many groups of attendees came to the workshop with an excited mood, and smiles were always present on their faces.



The second-floor hall at Thành Thắm Restaurant in Quỳnh Lưu was packed with boat owners attending the workshop.




The heartfelt sharing of fellow fishermen.








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